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Spa Rituals – Add ons

Truly customize any classic massage or package with add ons that you want. Scroll through for descriptions of our massage and facial add ons. When you are ready to book, hit book now and under each treatment listed, add ons will appear that are available for each treatment. Notate that some add ons to do not add time to your total treatment time and are therefor enhancements to your massage or facial and very affordable options. 

Lymphatic Dry Brushing

Lymphatic dry brushing is a practice rooted in ancient cultures like Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. It involves gently brushing the skin with a dry brush to stimulate the lymphatic system. This helps improve circulation, detoxify the body, reduce cellulite, exfoliate the skin, and promote overall well-being. We perform this step before massaging each part of the body so you will experience dry brushing throughout the whole experience. We give you your brush at the end of the treatment so that you can continue your new spa ritual at home. 


Cause Medic CBD Massage Oil

Cause Medic CBD Massage Oil – A powerfully regenerative blend of CBD and antioxidant-rich botanicals soothes stressed muscles while restoring skin health and hydration. Its 400mg of water-soluble, broad-spectrum CBD* is made from hemp grown responsibly on their Colorado farm and cold pressed for purity, with no THC.

Face Gua Sha

Face Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese healing practice. Gua means to stroke or press, and Sha refers to redness. According to early practitioners, the redness that is obtained through scraping encourages the skin to heal itself. While the modern-day Gua Sha practice is less intense, it will still leave you with a well-sculpted face along with other remarkable results! We use a variety of different obsidian stone including an acupressure spoon, to massage, contour and clear the sinuses.

This can be added to any massage. We have a 15 minute version or the ultimate 45 minute called the Face lift. Treatment is performed using our Multi Corrective Facial Oil.

Body Gua Sha – Madera Wood Contour Therapy

Wood therapy for us involves scraping the skin with various wooden tools to break up fascia, contour the body especially around the stomach, promote blood circulation, reduce inflammation, and release toxins and tension. This add on includes take home after care kit including After Glow Lymphatic Face + Body Massage Oil, wooden tool and black bag. 


Hot Stone- Jade + Napa River + Volcanic

Hot stone massage is a therapeutic technique that has been used for centuries in various cultures, including Native American and Hawaiian traditions. The practice involves placing heated stones on specific points of the body to provide relaxation and relieve tension.

We use a mix of Napa River, volcanic, and Jade stones to massage with. We do not just place the stones and move on. We keep the stones moving fluidly throughout your entire massage as an enhancement so this treatment does not add time to massage. 

Jade is believed to have healing properties and is associated with balance and harmony. Volcanic stones offer a range of benefits, including promoting relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety, improving blood circulation, and relieving muscle tension. The heat from the stones helps to relax the muscles and allows the massage therapist to apply deeper pressure to release toxins and tightness.

The combination of heat and pressure in hot stone massages helps to contour the body by promoting lymphatic drainage and reducing inflammation. This can result in a more sculpted appearance and improved muscle tone.


Cupping – an ancient practice with roots in Egyptian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern cultures, involves placing cups on the skin to create suction. This technique helps increase blood flow, relieve muscle tension, and promote overall relaxation and well-being. We combine this with stretching movements while cupped to move the musculature, break up fascia and alleviate areas of impingement. This is performed with an array of different sized myofascial release cups with hand pumps that are strong enough to create actual suction. This treatment does cause circular bruising and is contraindicated for some. Please consult your doctor if you feel this may not be the best choice for you. We have 4 sets of these types of cups available for parties and couples. This treatment is used to enhance your massage and does not add time. 

By request, We have 3 other types of cupping. Silicone face + body cups that are less invasive, and 2 vacuum cup machines by the Glownar company using the “Fit Moderna” that have several uses including “Booty Lift”, smoothing the look of cellulite or lymphatic drainage after surgery. Body Cavitation and RF Vacuum with the sollift machines are also available. 

For more questions or to reserve specific machines please call. Several of our staff are certified by Glownar. Alex R. is our main in these procedures. We have series packages with him specifically.

Mani + Pedi * Not a nail treatment

Mani – not a nail treatment. Hand scrub, cream clay mask and hand reflexology. Warm towels, body butter.

Pedi – not a nail treatment. Foot scrub, cream clay mask, hot towel wrap and body butter. If a body scrub is already in your package, we have a foot mask reflex option. 

Reflexology is a form of alternative therapy that involves applying pressure to specific points on the feet, and or hands. It is believed to correspond to different organs and systems in the body. It is based on the principle that these points, known as reflex points, can help to promote healing and relaxation throughout the body. Reflexology has a long history dating back to ancient civilizations such as Egypt, China, and India, where it was used to enhance well-being and treat various ailments. The practice of reflexology has evolved over time and is now commonly used as a holistic approach to health and wellness. Some of the benefits of reflexology include stress relief, improved circulation, pain management, and overall relaxation. These treatments are used to enhance hand or foot massage time and do not add time to the massage or facial. 


Thai Herbal Compress

Thai herbal ball massages can help alleviate pain and inflammation. Say goodbye to sore muscles and knots with this incredibly relaxing and therapeutic massage. Other benefits of Thai herbal ball massages are improved circulation, increased immune function, and stress reduction. They are steamed and compressed into the body and incorporated into the entire massage so does not add time. 


Regenerate- Scalp Massage with gua sha comb

Our Hair Regrowth Elixir is a potent blend of natural, nourishing ingredients designed to stimulate hair regrowth and rejuvenate the scalp. Our dried herbs and flowers are infused in oil in our spa over a 30 day process with the best ingredients possible and in small batches.

Our formula harnesses the power of Napa Valley Grape Seed Oil which provides essential fatty acids and antioxidants, promoting scalp health and stimulating hair follicles. Castor Oil and Coconut Oil combine to moisturize and nourish. Turmeric Root and Hemp Oil helps to reduce inflammation. Napa Valley Olive Oil and Cucumber Seed Oil have conditioning properties, while Jojoba Oil mimics the natural oils of the scalp, balancing oil production. Green Tea Leaf, Rosehip co2 and Red Clover Flower deliver potent antioxidants and nutrients. Verbena Leaf, Rosemary & Peppermint Leaf provide a refreshing and invigorating sensation, promoting circulation. 

When using this oil 3-4 days a week, it has shown improvements in hair regrowth in areas along the hairline that had previously been lost.

We pair this treatment with invigorating massage of the scalp followed by gua sha combing and scraping to stimulate growth. This is performed with our customized jade gua sha tool. This treatment does not add time to your treatment. It is typically done during the neck massage.

Why can’t I book microcurrent with my massage?

You will notice certain add ons are not available with all treatments. This is either because the treatment is contraindicated with others and or Massage Therapists and Cosmetologists have different scopes of practice. To have everything you want, you need to book a facial and massage.

More Add ons

15 min Rejuv Glow – Full Body Add On

Full Body Scrub with Body Butter effleurage.

Rejuv Glow – Partial Add On

Shea Scrub & Body Butter. Can be parial scrub of hands- arms- decollete, back, or full body. Includes hot towels. 

Vibrocoustic Sound Bed

Lay on a bed that has vibrations aligning with customized music to re tune the body and mind.

* Note that we only have one opus bed so this is not available for couples.

Facial Add ons

30 min Microcurrent – Gym for the face

Microcurrent therapy is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that uses low-level electrical currents to tone, lift, and rejuvenate facial muscles. The benefits include increased ATP production, enhanced cellular metabolism, improved circulation, and reduced signs of aging.

Anti Acne High Frequency

High frequency machines use glass electrodes emitting neon or argon gas glow, treating skin with enriched oxygen molecules for rejuvenation and healing.

Soothing Cryo Wand

Cryo wand therapy in a spa facial has numerous benefits for the skin. The cold helps reduce inflammation, minimize pores, soothe irritation, improve circulation, and tighten the skin for a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance.

Dermeluxx Glow

Choose between diamond Microdermabrasion or Hydradermabrasion. Both include nutrient serum application customized for skin needs.

Regenerate Scalp Massage

Our 15 minute Regenerate scalp massage comes with gua sha + high frequency combing. Free take home gift is our regenerate Hair + Nail Oil.

Contour Muscle Banding

Argireline targets fine lines and subtle expression wrinkles (caused by repeated muscle movement). It affects the nerve-to-muscle communication so that the muscle contractions do not deepen expression wrinkles, it also stimulates collagen production, further helping to increase skin firmness. 

Glass Skin O2 to Derm Oxygen LED Dome

  • Rejuvenate skin cells that have been fractured or damaged.
  • Boost your immune system.
  • Acne and other skin problems are improved.
  • Refresh and revitalize weary skin.
  • Improve tone, texture, and leaves an instant healthy glow when used in conjunction with Oxygen Bomb whipping mask + Oxygen infusion Ampoule.

Herbal Facial Steam

This nutrient rich herbal facial steam provides the amazing aromatherapy of locally grown French Lavender. Skin calming benefits of Chamomile are anti inflammatory, green tea antioxidants, calendula for healing, alfalfa for detoxification while squalane rich amaranth flowers hydrate. 



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