Trust & Safety

*We have a 24 hour cancellation policy that is held in full by credit card. So even if you do test positive for Covid the night before or day of your appointment, we will still need to charge your card for the missed appointment.

Our staff are trained by a Registered Nurse in aseptic techniques for the highest level of cleanliness possible. There is a 30 min cleaning interval in between each in spa session. Please help us ensure this by following these guidelines:

Our Massage Therapists:

Are all vaccinated for covid-19 
Will correctly wear an n95 for the entire session. Will correctly sanitize all equipment and implements after each use with cavicide and store in clean compartments, store used linen in a separate compartment
Wash hands with medical grade soap that they bring with them, before and after contact with client


We ask that you cancel or do not book a session if you:


Are experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19

Have been exposed to anyone who has COVID-19