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The Classic Facial

Experience our signature facial at Napa Valley Massage & Wellness Spa. immerse yourself in the seamless fusion of Nature and technology. Indulge in our rituals of beauty and relaxation.

Napa Valley Glow Facials

An invigorating facial experience in the heart of Downtown Napa .

Ideal candidates for the classic facial

Sun Damage

Combat the effects of pollution and stress. This facial can be customized to deliver rejuvenation and repair. Can include gentle exfoliation, brightening masks, and antioxidant-rich serums to restore skin’s radiance and vitality. Red light facial wand can be used during this service to help with sun damaged skin.

Sensitive Skin

Ideal for those with delicate skin,  involves gentle exfoliation using floral exfoliate, calming masks with soothing properties, and nourishing serums to promote radiant, calm skin. Cold wand can be added to this facial to aid in calming down the skin.

Spa grade technologies

Congested Skin

Experience a refreshing spa facial designed to combat acne. This treatment includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, and blemish-fighting masks, leaving your skin purified, balanced, and revitalized. High frequency can be added to this facial to target breakouts. 


Revitalize your skin with a luxurious spa facial tailored to combat aging. This treatment incorporates gentle exfoliation, collagen-boosting serums, and firming masks to restore youthfulness and radiance to your complexion. Micro Current is a work out for your face and can be added to this service.  

What is the Classic Facial?


To start your path to radiant skin, this facial begins with  specially selected herbal cleanser. This product is tailored to your unique skin type, effectively eliminating surface impurities and establishing the perfect foundation for subsequent treatments. Cleansers we have include: Calming- Chamomile + Lavender, Seatox- Anti acne, or Ageless- Pink Clay + Neroli.  It is pumped into a bowl of lavender, rosemary or neroli water and whipped to create a foam and then massaged in with two brushes as once. This is called our botanical cleanse with “dual brush technique”. 

Exfoliation & Steam

Our dual action gommage uses plant based Alpha hydroxy  acids to retexture the surface while exfoliating bamboo beads remove dead skin cells, ultrasonic skin scraper, extractions and cucumber tonic unveils your skin’s radiance.

Customized Treatment Masque

Next we apply a mask tailored to your skins needs. This treatment deeply hydrates and nourishes the skin, targeting congestion, sun damage, wrinkles and inflammation. We have several different types of masks, our gel masks include our AHA BHA Glass Skin, Alternative Retinol Beauty Sleep, or HydraGlow. We also use boosters for added nutrition like our Emerald Detox and Flower Mud. For added time treatment add ons, we have our Peptide infused Hydrojelly + LED masks including Contour- muscle banding enzyme, Brightening Complex, 24k Gold, Hyaluronic Acid, Brightening Complex, Spot Diminishing ALA, Discoloration Alpha Arbutin. 


Gua Sha + Face Lift Massage

Next, we massage in our multi corrective facial oil with botanical extracts designed to nurture and enhance your skin’s natural beauty. Combined with our custom gua sha spoon we deliver an uplifting facial massage with neroli flower essence.

Finishing touches

Your treatment is concluded with serum, moisturizer, SPF, lip & eye treatment. This locks in the benefits of the treatment while protecting against the environment.

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